Sorry We Have Been Gone

Posh Dolls,

We are sorry that we have been gone for so long. We have been so busy with getting our store ready for the exciting new fall and winter trends. We have come across some very exciting new things for this season like our new bracelet line called Simbi Haiti. With this line every bracelet has touched and employed 15 people. Each bracelet is hand made with love. The Haitian’s travel to the mountains of Haiti, hand pick the clay, then form the clay into beads and hand paint them. After the bracelet is baked they become the beautiful and stylish bracelet that we carry in our store. With each bracelet that is bought Simbi Haiti donates a gallon of fresh, clean water impacting millions of Haitian lives. To this day Simbi Haiti has donated over 15 million gallons of fresh clean water. “Purchasing Simbi products ultimately *saves lives *improves lives and *empowers lives.”



We are only down to six bracelets left but don’t worry we have just reordered more because these were such a popular trend and they are super cute together or just one of them. My boss Melissa wears her stacked with our blessing bracelets as shown in the picture directly above. So cute!

I will be keeping you updated on all of the fun, exciting, and new trends, styles, and more from Posh.




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