How to wear a blanket scarf

The plaid blanket scarves are a huge trend this fall!  For many, this is fun yet a confusing trend.  It looks so cute on everyone else but when you pick up this gigantic scarf all you think is, now how the heck do I put this on?  Many of you may also feel this scarf is overwhelming or too large for you to wear.  Posh is here to help!

Today I am going to show a great way to tie the blanket scarf so it is just the right size.

  1. Grab the scarf by each corner and hold it up. redblkblketscf

2. Now drop one side of the scarf and slide both hands so you are holding the scarf in front of you like the photo below.

IMG_9461 IMG_9462

3. Hold the scarf up to your neck and wrap it around once loosely and let each side hang down in front of you.

IMG_9463 IMG_9465

4. Now take the two ends and cross them under each other and through the loop like you are tying a shoelace.

IMG_9466 IMG_9467

5. Pull each end so they are even and flat.  Loosen the scarf around your neck a bit and voila! The perfect trendy way to wear a blanket scarf!


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