Healthy Sweets, Motivation & Style

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Yogurt

I wanted to share this fun recipe I found! I have a super sweet tooth and this will hit the spot and keep you on a healthy track!


What you need:

3/4 Cup of plain greek yogurt
1 TBSP of all natural peanut butter
1 TBSP honey
1/4 tsp of vanilla extract
dash of sea salt
1 tsp of chocolate chips


Add peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract and sea salt to your yogurt and mix. Top with chocolate chips and your done!

Even my 2 year old loves it.

Turn it into frozen yogurt by placing in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

“Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow”


I love this quote! It’s great to remember when you are starting that new workout and half way through you feel like you just won’t make it to the end. Push yourself to finish and with each day you get stronger and better. You can also remember it that next morning when you go to step out of bed and your muscles are screaming at you! Hahah.

I feel like this quote is for so much more than just working out. It has to do with everything in life you need to change or let go of for yourself, your health, and your mental well being. It may be hard at that moment but in the long run, it makes you a stronger person.

My best friend has started living by this quote.  She has two gorgeous twin boys and life has definitely thrown her for an emotional rollercoaster the last few years. But she has come out stronger because of it. She is my inspiration and motivator for getting through some of life’s hardest moments. With all that, she has also lost about 50 pounds in the last year! She is healthier than ever.
Throw it on for that first work out or it is definitely super cute with a pair of jeans!

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Flower Mason Jar Craft

Do you ever sit around on a lazy Sunday morning and think of things that you could do for the day? Crafts are always a fun and easy thing to do. This craft is cheap, easy, and only takes about 10 minutes. You can get your supplies from any craft store. I got mine from Hobby Lobby.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You need a mason jar (any size), rocks, twine, scissors, and a flower (real or fake).


Step 2: Take the flower and the scissors and cut the stem to a length that will fit inside
your jar.  Use your jar to size how much you want to cut off.  Cut the flower stem on an


Step 3: This is a simple step. Just put the rocks inside the jar. Be careful not to just drop them so that the glass will not crack. I used about 7 rocks but it can vary on how big your jar is or how many you think looks good.


Step 4: The next step is to wrap the twine. Take a piece measure it by your wingspan and cut it. Than wrap it around the jar twice or three times depending on the size. Than tie it in a bow.


Step 5: This is the last step. Just add water about 3/4 of the way and put the flower in the jar. And there you go, a cute fun craft that will brighten up your house and hopefully your day.



Trend Alert – Palazzo Pants

Summer is finally here! I think. We’ve had our ups and downs this season. But as the warm weather hits so do so many gorgeous prints, lightweight fabrics, and fun pieces to create the perfect stylish wardrobe.

Today, I wanna highlight one of my absolute favorite trends, the palazzo pant. The palazzo pant is a super wide leg, loose fitting pant that was extremely popular back in the late 60’s thru the early 70’s and has made a major comeback in fashion.

I know many of you will start off by saying, “I’m too short” or “They will make my legs look bigger.” Well throw those excuses right out the window! 😉 The reason why I absolutely adore this trend is not only because the options are so much fun but because the light flowy fabric hides insecurities and accentuates your waist for a super flattering look. The options are so versatile. The palazzo pants offer style and comfort! This style is easy to dress down for a day of shopping or drinks with friends or dress up for a night out with that special someone.

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Stop in and try this trend, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Happy Shopping!


Healthy Eats – Homemade pita chips

Happy Monday!

As we all start a new work week, Mondays can feel discouraging.  It’s the beginning of 5 days of work before we get another few days off.  I like to look at Monday’s as another fresh start.  A day to set a new goal or start something new.  Maybe it’s starting a healthier lifestyle or a summer bucket list.  I have done the “yea, I’ll start that next week or tomorrow.”  Tomorrow comes and goes and nothing.  Our quote for today:

So whether it is your nutrition, exercise, going for a new job, starting a new business or just making extra time for fun activities with your kids, today is a great day to start. Monday is a new week to start a new routine.  Go for it and make this week your week of change!

It’s also a perfect quote for Posh since today is the day we finally decided to restart our blog.  I always feel too busy to start another project but this has been something I have wanted to do for awhile.  We want to provide a place to share the latest in fashion & style but also to share fun stuff for everyday life.

Our healthy recipe of the day is homemade pita chips.  This is so easy and inexpensive.  This is Darby’s (Posh Doll & another Posh blogger) mom’s recipe.  She brought them into Posh one day and my family went nuts because they were so good.


This is all you need! Oh and of course and oven. 😉 The best part is you can change up the flavor.  Instead of using garlic powder you can use sea salt, onion powder or other types of seasoning.  I LOVE garlic so that’s what we went with.

What you need:
6 whole wheat Pitas, cut into triangle pieces
I used 1 tsp. of olive oil per pita bread but you can use 3 tbsp for all
Garlic powder to taste

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Mix the olive oil & garlic powder in a bowl and toss with pita bread triangles
Add the pita bread to a cookie sheet but don’t let triangles touch each other
Bake for 10-12 min


Voila! So easy & so good!  I love dipping them in hummus but my hubby loves dipping them in salsa and avocado dip.  It makes for a great snack especially if you are trying to pick healthier options!